"Discover the Talent of your Child through our TABS"

About Children’s Castle

Children’s castle aims at integrating the best and most advanced educational theories and practices internationally with the cultural richness and values of India.

Our curriculum is powered by “Kreedo” renowned early childhood specialist with over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education.

We offer a learning environment that is spacious, richly stimulating, and absolutely secure. We provide an atmosphere of love and acceptance where children are given the opportunity to express themselves and explore their environment.

Our Vision

To provide the highest standards of professional care and education in a natural, happy and secure environment.

Our Mission

To provide a caring and rich learning environment in which growth and development is nurtured, creativity and independence is fostered and essential skills are acquired as young children, transition towards future excellence.

Our Philosophy

Nurturing the natural curiosity and skills of each child and ultimately developing a strong foundation for their future excellence – in simple words a journey of learning.

“At children’s Castle, we’ll help your child begin their journey of learning and provide them with the foundation necessary to become socially responsible and independent thinkers. We’ll work with them to create their story, a story that everyone will want to hear!”

Y..The Name Childrencastle

Castle means secured, fortified or strong hold place.

Children’s castle refers to secured homely atmosphere of love and acceptance to children to relieve their anxiety and make child feel at home , once child feels secured and accepts the environment , learning becomes a natural process.

It also symbolizes on strengthening the children’s abilities so as to lay the strong foundation for their future

Y..Early Education

“Infants and young children’s are not just sitting twiddling their thumbs, waiting for their parents to teach them to read and do math. They are expending a vast amount of time and effort in exploring and understanding their immediate world. Healthy education supports and encourages this spontaneous learning.”

Every child is unique and has a mind of his own. He is easily led on and molded at this stage based on the experiences and environment around the child.

Research has shown that 70% of the human brain interconnections are complete by the age of 6-7 and the capacity for a child to absorb concepts and learning is the highest during these early years. During this exceptional stage, we as adults responsible for the child must ensure that they have ample opportunities to explore, discover and learn. We must also ensure that they are aware of the world and people around them.

We acknowledge the value of early childhood experiences because they lay the foundation of an individual’s growth. The experiences that we provide our students have significant impact on their potential for learning, disposition for learning, readiness for school, success in school, and inevitably, their ability to become productive citizens of the future.

Y...Chindren's Castle

Features that make us different are:

Developmentally appropriate theme based classrooms:

Our classrooms are designed as per the areas of development for the children to attain appropriate skills as their interests and at their own pace.

Parent- teacher communication is critical:

Because the child spends proportionally more time at home than at school, we consider it really important to involve the parents in the communication process and we appreciate parents’ updates, inputs and suggestions that help keep all of us on the same page. We see the parent-teacher communication as an integral part of the healthy development of each child. To further parent-teacher communication, we schedule routine conferences and send weekly and monthly reports home, to keep you abreast of your child’s individual activities and events. On special events like Birthdays and festivals, we encourage parents to drop in at school and play a part in the child’s special day. We also encourage parents to volunteer for school activities.

Committed and dedicated Staff:

We pick our teachers for their commitment and dedication and each member is well trained in advance by our Curriculum expert. They are ready to strive for providing children with a developmentally appropriate, stimulating environment in which they can learn and grow to their fullest potential. To keep our staff expertise we offer continuing education and learning opportunities to all our teachers.

We believe “ Every child is unique and has a mind of his own”

Our program is designed such a way that every child receives right stimulation,guidance, experience and nurturing in early years, which will help achieve developmental milestones in a more meaningful manner.

We foster lifelong learners:

We consider children as natural doers and learners requiring teachers who gently guide their learning by providing a stimulating learning environment; we awaken your child’s skills and imagination and encourage early habits of observation, curiosity, exploration and self-reliance – providing a strong foundation for future learning habits, resourcefulness and their excellence.

We Recognize Individual Learning Styles:

We recognize that children are unique and learn at different pace and in different ways. We create a classroom environment that respects the individual needs of each child and provides a flexible schedule based on these needs.

We Create Active Learning Opportunities :
Children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas. At Children’s castle we create multiple opportunities for active and participatory learning by way of experiments, classroom projects, field trips. Our daily activities vary with each age group but generally include gross and fine motor activities, art, music, science, sand and water play, block play, stories, math and reading readiness activities.

Facilities designed for maximum safety, security and hygiene for children.

We Ensure a Safe and Secure Environment as your child is in our care for several hours in the day and we understand the importance of this responsibility. We use non toxic materials for learning; routinely monitor our premises and maintain high levels of quality control.

Regular assessment through observation to track the overall growth of your child.

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. We take great effort in documenting children’s projects and activities. Documentation is an effective means of showing children that their work is valued, it helps maintain parent’s awareness of their child’s developmental progress and learning experiences, and it serves as a great evaluation and assessment instrument for the teachers. We maintain individual Records of Progress for each child. We set certain objectives for every child and try to ensure that we achieve them in the best possible way. It is critical to assess children at very regular intervals during early years:

a) To ensure that the child is exposed to all areas of development
b) To build a strong foundation for learning ahead
c) To find the progress made in a given time period
d) Most importantly to plan the child’s activities in the next time period

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